Quran For Kids

Basic Qaida for beginners

Arabic Qaida course is a basic course that is taught by our Quran Tutor using Arabic Qaida curriculum


Quran Reciation

Using qualified Quran tutors, you can learn to recite the Qur’an properly more quickly and easily than ever before..


Quran memorization

Through live memorization classes, you can learn how to memorise the Holy Qur’an and become a Hafiz/Hafiz of the Qur’an.


Quran Ijazah

Get Ijazah online from qualified Quran scholars in “Quran Recitation” and/or “Quran Memorization.”



The top Islam and Quran scholars can help you learn Quran Tafseer online and better understand the Quran.


Basic Qaida for beginners

Arabic Qaida course is a basic course that is taught by our Quran Tutor using Arabic Qaida curriculum.


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Online school EJAZUL QURAN offers lessons in Arabic, the Qur’an, and Islam

About us

Ejaz ul Quran is an Online Quran Academy that offers Online Quran Classes to people all over the World. We seek to deliver the best and completely accurate comprehension of Basic Quran Reading, Quran with Tajweed, Quran Memorization, Tafseer e Quran, and Quranic Arabic on one platform with qualified, recognized Ejaz ul Quran instructors. In this Digital age, learning the Quran is not difficult. The top teachers are available to you even if you choose to learn at home.

Ejaz ul Quran is one of the leading and legit platforms for learning the Quran. Any device that has Internet access may be used to learn the Quran Online. It might be your laptop, Tablet, Computer, or even your Mobile Phone. With the aid of thorough knowledge of Tajweed, comprehension of this esteemed text, and Quranic Arabic, our main focus is on imparting the best Quranic interpretations.

Due to its commitment to Students and its persistent attempts to enhance it over time, the Ejaz ul Quran has steadily soared to new heights in a relatively short period of time. We want to include as many students as we can in the charitable deed of Hifz al Quran.

Online Quran Classes USA | Online Quran Academy | Learn Quran Online By Ejaz Ul Quran

We are here to guide you as you embark on a journey of spiritual discovery with our Online Quran Classes. We know that you are eager to deepen your connection with the Quran. We will help you to seek a convenient way to Learn Quran Online from the comfort of your home. Our Online Quran Academy will help guide you as you learn the Quran Online. You can access Online Quran Classes USA from the convenience of your home. We hope that by the grace of ALLAH Almighty, you will immerse yourself in learning. With us, you can avail yourself of tailored classes for all levels, from Online Quran Classes For Beginners. Experienced, dedicated, and qualified tutors will oversee your progress. We will teach a comprehensive curriculum covering Quran Online Courses.

Online Quran Tutor will look after your progress as you Learn Quran Online. We provide flexible schedules to accommodate your busy lifestyle. You will learn at your own pace with recorded sessions available. Ejazul Quran Online Quran Academy provide engaging and interactive sessions to foster a sense of community. Also, we will give personalized attention to address individual learning needs. You will learn a lot through supporting and encouraging learning environments. We provide customized learning plans to teach Quran Classes For Adults.

Learn Quran Online in USA | Online Quran Classes & Academy

So join our Online Quran Classes USA and embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth. You should enroll today and Learn Quran Online and witness the beauty of learning the Quran with us. There are limited slots available. Reserve your seat now. We provide tailored classes for all ages and levels. We have experienced and certified instructors. You can learn from knowledgeable and dedicated tutors passionate about guiding you through the beauty of the Quran. We have designed structured learning paths.

Online Quran Classes USA will help you discover the divine path. The path will help you progress through a well-designed curriculum. The Quran classes will nurture a gradual and profound connection with the Quran. Our Online Quran Academy Interactive Learning Platform will assist you in dynamic and participatory sessions. Our classes will build a sense of community and support.