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    why should we learn Tafseer Quran Course?

    tafseer Quran course can be defined briefly as the interpretation or exegesis of the Quran. It aims to help Muslims understand the Holy Quran even better.

    The term “Tafseer” or “Tafsir” is the Arabic word for exegesis. A Quranic Tafseer attempts to provide elucidation, explanation, interpretation, context, or commentary for clear understanding and conviction of words of Allah.

    In order to do so, Tafseer Quran utilizes knowledge from multiple sciences such as linguistics, theology, and jurisprudence. 

    Accordingly, the Tafseer Quran is considered the most significant science of the Quran.

    Since the accurate application of Islam is based on proper comprehension of the guidance from Allah. So without learning the quran tafsir, mankind will have no correct understanding of the different passages of the Quran.

    Due to the importance of learning the tafsir Quran for every Muslim in the world, Quran Oasis presents Online Quran Tafsir Course for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries.

    Now, you or your kids can take Quran Tafseer classes online with highly-qualified Quran teachers from Ejazul Quran through one-to-one live sessions.

    there are many Tafseer books like Tafseer Ibn Kather

    Our Quran tutors will help you develop a correct interpretation of the Quran, knowing the situation in which the verses were revealed as well as understanding the Quranic verses in-depth with the explanation.

    In the Tafseer Quran course, you’ll learn:

    • Understanding the science of Tafseer Al Quran
    • Meaning of verses word by word
    • The contextual meaning of the Word
    • Learn Islamic laws
    • Skills in scholarly writings
    • The sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display
    • Quranic explanations in Arabic
    • Explain each and every Sura and its verses with other parts of the Quran and Hadees with references
    • Understand the commands of Allah (SWT)


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