SHIEKH: Abou Ahmed

Ustad Abou Ahmed is an Egyptian Quran tutor. He graduated from Ejazul Quran University. He has the ability to teach the Holy Quran and tajweed because he studied Tajweed rules and finished his Quran Memorization in his childhood. Ustad Abou Ahmed has the experience of teaching Quran recitation, Tajweed, and hifdh al Quran to kids and adults. He also has Ijazah in Hafs recitation.

SHIEKH: Ibrahim Mohammed

Sheikh Ibrahim Mohammed is a native qualified Arabic and Quran tutor from Egypt. He graduated from Ejazul Quran. Sheikh Ibrahim is the Imam of his village’s Masjed also and he is teaching QuranArabic, and Islamic Studies online from 2013 to the present. And as a result, he has the experience of teaching Quran recitationTajweed, and Hifdh to learners kids, and adults. Sheikh Ibrahim is memorizing the entire Quran and he has Ijazah in the biggest ten readings of the Holy Qura

Ustad: Kamal Khediwy

Ustad Kamal is a native Arabic and Quran tutor. He graduated from the Dar AlUlom faculty (Egypt). Ustadh Kamal has experience in teaching Quran and Arabic to children and adults. And he certainly has Ijazah in Quran from approved Egyptian scholars.

Ustadh : Marwa Abdel-Molaa

Ustadh Marwa is an Egyptian Quran & Arabic tutor. She graduated from Aswan University (Egypt). Ustadha Marwa is memorizing the entire Quran and already she has Ijazah. She is teaching Quran and Arabic in our institute and she approved her competence. Ustadha Marwa has experience in teaching the Quran for kids and Arabic for kids and adults.

Ustadh: Marwa Kamal

Ustadh Marwa is a native Arab Quran and Islamic Studies tutor. She graduated from Qena University (Egypt). She is memorizing the entire Quran since she was 13 years old. Ustadha Marwa is teaching Quran and Islamic Studies. And she has the experience of teaching quran recite, Tajweed, and Hifdh to children and adults..

Teacher: Adel Mahmoud

Sheikh Adel is a native Egyptian tutor. He graduated from Al-Azhar University (Egypt). And he has Education Diploma and he speaks Arabic, English and also German so he can teach in English and German as well. Sheikh Adel has the ability to teach QuranArabic and Islamic Studies to learners of all ages.

Teacher: Mahmoud Elsayed

Shaykh Mahmoud graduated from Al-Azhar University, the faculty of languages and translation English department. He finished Quran memorization classes at the age of 13. He got an Ijaza in the narration of Hafs and now he is on his way to get an ijazah online in Shuba.
He studied Tajweed theoretically and practically, Arabic, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, Tafseer, and Hadith.
Shaykh Mahmoud has taught the Holy Quran to Arabic speakers for 6 years and has been teaching the Quran in English and Arabic to non-Arabic speakers for more than one year.
Shaykh Mahmoud is studying an Islamic studies online course to teach them soon.

Teacher: Mahmoud Abu Bakr

My name is Mahmoud Abu Bakr, I was born in Giza, Egypt in 1995. I graduated from Al-Azhar University faculty of shariah and law.
I studied English and Microsoft office at the British council for five years. l memorize the holy Quran by Hafs way, and I have Ijaza too.
I have been working in the field of online teaching as a teacher of online Quran classes for kids for more than a year.

Ustadh: Hasnaa Shoaib

I am Hafizah of the Holy Quran. I work as an online Quran teacher female, Arabic, and Islamic studies for kids and adults.
I’ve worked with students from London, Us, and Australia and they passed high levels with me.
I am an Arabic teacher and a good English speaker. I teach Quran classes for kids and online quran classes for adults.

Teacher: Moataz Azmy Ahmed

My name is Moataz Azmy. I am Quran and a teacher in Arabic language I graduated from Al-Azhar University. I learned the rules of Tajweed theoretically and practically during recitation.
I have years of experience in teaching the Noble Quran in English and Arabic to Arab speakers and non-Arab speakers. And I am using many teaching methods according to what is suitable for every one of my students.
I teach the Arabic language course at all levels to those who are natives and non-natives.
Sometimes I explain the meaning of some Ayahs to children to make it easier for them to memorize according to their age and understanding.
I always provide a permanent detailed report to the student or the parents.

Teacher: Hussein Mohamed

My name is Hussein Mohamed am from Egypt and am an Arabic Islamic and Quran teacher for non-native speakers. I have BA in Islamic studies in African and English languages from Al-Azhar University. I had an excellent degree and I got an honor degree thanks to Allah. I memorize all of the Quran. I worked as a teacher online for non-native speakers for many companies of all ages for kids, beginners, intermediates, and for professionals.
I taught many books for different ages for non-Arabic speakers like Noor Albayaan, Alarabiyh between your hands, and Al-Madinah.
I also taught Islamic history and Islamic studies in English to the kids and the adults.
I also taught Quran with Tajweed for kids and adults you can memories Quran correctly and easily.
I will take my students to get a high level in Islamic Studies, Arabic language, or Quran with Tajweed step by step whatever the age the level of the student.