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With the advancement of Technology, everything has become accessible in a single click. Muslims living all around the globe can easily learn the Quran through credible and reliable online Quran schools.

You can now connect to the world’s most qualified Quran tutors from Arab countries associated with Online teaching academies. Now, no one has to personally sit in front of the teacher in the Madrassah to learn the Quran, this facility is made easy for you by the leading Quranic platform like Ejaz-ul-Quran.

Benefits of Online Quran School

There are innumerable benefits of learning the Quran from an online school. You get to reach professionally qualified tutors and the facility to customize your desired syllabus in the available time. Unlike the on-board schools, you are not forced to cover the pre-designed syllabus. Other than that, the benefits of choosing online Quran schools like Ejaz-ul-Quran are phenomenal.

  • The facility of planning your course duration
  • The facility of enrolling in a group or a personalized class
  • The facility of getting a complimentary sample lesson
  • The facility of getting progress tracking online with regular meetings
  • The facility of getting your hands on online study materials like games, PowerPoint Slides, Documentaries, Audio, Video, and webinars.
  • The facility of accessing the classes 24/f

There are many other advantages of learning Quran online USA. Reliable schools teach the book of Allah through authentic references to Hadith and Fiqh. not only adults but kids can also join these schools along with their contemporary studies because of the facility of weekend classes.

Courses Offered by Online Quran Academies

Online Quran schools offer a wide range of courses for kids and adults, covering everything from the basics to advanced levels. These well-planned programs are designed flexibly to meet the needs of as many students as possible. Some of the much-demanded courses are:

Noorani Qaida Course

This program is designed for kids and beginners who want to learn how to read the Quran in the same way that native Arabs do. The program guides learners in correcting their pronunciation of Arabic letters and teaches them the basic rules of tajweed. This booklet provides a comprehensive insight into Arabic reading, which eventually leads to easy and smooth Quran reading.

Quran Recitation Course

Another amazing online course is designed to teach non-Arab Muslim students the correct way of Reciting Quran with an amazing voice and tone. The online Quran recitation course offered by the leading school Ejaz-ul-Quran is conducted by Egyptian as well as Asian tutors who focus on the basics-to-advanced rules and make their students exceptional in Tajweed.

Advanced Tajweed Course

To excel in your recitation you are offered an advanced Tajweed course that works on the complex rules of Tajweed, only learned by professionals. This course is highly recommended for those who have already learned tajweed and want to become a pro-Qari now! The lessons are conducted with the help of audio/video materials to accomplish the learning goals.

Quran memorization Course

Online Quran Memorization Classes to Hifz Quran online is made easy now by online schools who give you flexible schedules and ample revision time to memorize the Quran with tajweed at the convenience and ease of your home. Memorize Quran along with your hectic routines and enlist your names in those who will be granted high ranks in Jannah.

Tafseer-ul-Quran Course

To understand the translation and exegesis of the Quran, a tafsir course is offered that is conducted by Ijazah-qualified tutors who have an amazing grip on each topic. The translation is done word-by-word to enhance your Arabic language learning and the tafsir is done through the most famous and credible books.

Qualified Tutors of Quran Courses Online

Why should you choose an online Quran school to understand the words of Allah in great detail? The reason is the hard work and passion of the tutors who are readily available for this job. Most of the schools have more than 15 Arab teachers on board to teach students from different countries.

At Ejaz-ul-Quran, you have a list of more than 30 male and female tutors from Arabian, Asian, and African countries who possess the following qualities and stand out from the rest.

  • They are Ijazah Qualified and have the authority to pass on the permission to their top-most students.
  • They have excellent communication skills and can easily speak in English and Urdu.
  • They have graduated from leading Quranic institutions of the world and have a sound knowledge of teaching the Quran.
  • They have 4+ years of teaching experience to kids and adults from various ones.

It’s important to have a dedicated time for Quran study, even if you have a busy schedule. Online Quranic schools are a great solution for both men and women, as they can learn the Quran easily and efficiently from the comfort of their own home.

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